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‘The Enemy’: Football Player Approaches Opponent After Game, Encounter Goes Viral.

Sherman High School faced West Mesquite in one of the most anticipated football games of the year on Friday. Sherman pulled off an incredible victory, defeating their opponent 56–27. As fans and players left the stadium, those who were still there saw Gage Smith start a short fight.

As a senior and team leader, Smith seldom fails to surprise both the audience and his colleagues. Therefore, after many critical plays in Friday night’s tight contest, the football star demonstrated that he wasn’t done making an impression.

Smith stayed on the pitch with one more assignment rather than joining his teammates in the dressing room. The senior athlete approached opposition player Ty Jordan to talk about anything other than football. Thankfully, the coach’s wife was there to document the occasion.

Smith approached Jordan after the game without reluctance, explaining that he wished to pray with Jordan for his mom, who is facing cancer. When spectators and teammates left the pitch, Smith linked hands with his opponent and lowered his head in sincere prayer for Jordan’s mother.

Sherman’s head football coach, J.D. Martinez, verified that his wife was only a few feet away during the wonderful event, documenting every action on her camera. Smith verified what the duo were doing following their private prayer session.

Smith added that he knew Jordan from a select 7-on-7 squad where they both played. Smith says he learned of Jordan’s mom’s difficulties after getting to know his temporary colleagues. Only after the two were reunited on the pitch was Smith able to take advantage of the chance to pray with Jordan.

Jordan’s aunt, Takka Jordan, subsequently shared the photographs on Facebook, emphasizing how deeply Smith’s actions affected their family. After a few days, the post had over 150,000 shares and hundreds of comments praising the adolescent for putting aside a sporting rivalry to exhibit compassion.

Of course, Coach Martinez was overjoyed by Smith’s gesture of compassion. He said that, although Smith demonstrates his leadership abilities on the field, he is no different when he removes his jersey.

So this happened after the game. Gage Smith #2, Sherman High, told Ty I heard about your mother I'm sorry and I wanna pray with you. This melts my heart ❤❤❤❤❤

Posted by MzKoko Takka Jordan on Saturday, 2 November 2019

Of course, Smith isn’t getting carried away with his newfound fame. In fact, he repeated that sports are a terrific way to bring people together who may otherwise assume they have nothing in common.

This simple gesture of compassion is precisely what our country needs in reaction to the current political and ethnic divisions. It is much simpler to connect and be respectful of one another if we realize that we are all human beings with challenges that we all share.

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