The PR girl who became Queen’s ‘second daughter’ has quietly become an unsung treasure of the Royal Family

While the Queen shared a deep bond with all her four children, but she also shared a distinct association with the wife of one of her children.

The Queen’s youngest son, Prince Edward’s spouse, Countess of Wessex forged a close association with her mother-in-law.

In 1987, Prince Edward met Sophie Rhys-Jones and at the time the prince was seeing her friend. They met once more at a charity affair in 1993 and that is when sparks hovered and they began dating.

In January 1999, Prince Edward declared his engagement to Sophie and the couple tied the knot the same year. On their marriage, the Queen gifted Sophie with a crown that was made from parts in her ornaments collection.

Sophie did the whole thing possible to fit in herself into the royal family. And looking at her status in the family today, she did a pretty good work of it.

Mourners looking at Sophie arriving to see the floral tributes could not help but noticed how lost she appeared. Public also observed that her eyes were rimmed with red.

The Countess of Wessex had been fairly dear to her mother-in-law that she had turn out to be like another daughter to the Queen.

The Queen and The Countess of Wessex grew close after the Queen lost her sister Princess Margaret and then her mom soon after in 2002. The dual demises occurred close to one another and caused the Queen a lot of sorrow. This was a time when she leaned on Sophie. Sophie’s mother died in 2005 and after the tragic incident, she started lovingly mentioning to the Queen as ‘Mama.’

After the demise of Prince Philip last year, the Queen became even closer to Sophie. Sometimes the Queen would even offer Sophie to ride in the back seat of the car with her, a seat that Prince Philip previously occupied.

Sophie was one of the only two non-blood relations to be present there to grieve the Queen’s unexpected passing and to be with her in her final moments.

Edward and Sophie are now to be designated as the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh. Some even reflect them to have been the ‘Harry and Meghan’ of their time. This is triggered by the circumstance that both of them contended of having their own occupations outside of their royal responsibilities. While Edward followed a profession in TV production, Sophie carved out her profession in PR.

The Countess of Wessex certainly has made a designation for herself not only in the Royal Family but mostly in the public since of all her solid work and obligation to her royal responsibilities.

The Queen will certainly be well reminisced and missed by The Countess of Wessex, Sophie, her unofficial second daughter.

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