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The remarkable story of Zubaida Hasan.

Zubaida Hasan, nine, grew raised in a tiny town in Afghanistan, where she had a normal existence.

But everything changed one day in 2001. When Zubaida lighted her family’s little gas stove, it burst. She caught fire, causing extensive damage.

Her face melted into her chest, and one of her arms got entangled with her torso. Zubaida’s father was informed by a local doctor that her situation was hopeless and that she would not live.

But Zubaida’s father refused to let his daughter die, and what followed was nothing short of a miracle.

Following the heinous event, doctors stated that there was nothing they could do. They suggested the girl’s father take her home, sedate her, and let her die.

However, Zubaida’s dad refused to give up and chose to take a risk. He transported Zubaida to a US military post in Kabul, Afghanistan’s capital, despite the fact that the US military hospital does not normally accept civilians. However, when the physicians realized how badly the child was suffering, they made an exception and admitted her.

Zubaida was quickly airlifted to the United States, where she was placed under the care of plastic surgeon Peter Grossman, a burns specialist.

Zubaida had many procedures that necessitated skin transplants from various parts of her body.

Zubaida shown amazing power and drive despite her tender age. Zubaida impressed Dr. Grossman, and the two became firm friends. The cosmetic surgeon invited her to his and his wife’s house, where the pair was able to assist her in her time of need.

Zubaida had learned English, enrolled in a local school, and acquired many new friends after 12 weeks.

Zubaida’s face was rebuilt after just a year, thanks to the hard work of physicians and her own determination, and the girl was once again able to sing, play the guitar, and dance.

Despite the fact that Zubaida’s original physicians felt she was a hopeless case, the girl was granted a second shot at life, and her metamorphosis is unparalleled!

Watch the video below to see Zubaida’s visit to Oprah.

What a marvel! I was extremely amazed by everyone who worked so hard to make Zubaida happy again! Please share this inspiring tale with your friends!

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