The Shop Owner Didn’t Call 911 On The Shoplifter But Did Something Incredible Kind.

Cedric Bishop was inside the 7-Eleven store in Toledo, Ohio, one day when he witnessed something very unusual. The store owner had been alerted that some young boy was stuffing his clothes with food items, obviously preparing to steal them from the store.

The store owner, Jay Singh, approached the young man and asked him why he was stealing from his store. The teenager looked up at Jay and told him that he was taking the food because he and his brother were hungry.

With that, Jay took the food back from him, and started filling up a grocery bag with those items and even more food from his store. He could have called the police and turned the young man in for stealing from his store. But Jay could see the bigger picture, saying “He’s a young kid. That will go on his record that he was a thief. He cannot do anything in his life. He will not get a good job. This will not solve his hunger problem.”

Cedric watched as the forgiving store owner filled the grocery bag with chicken, sausage rolls, a pizza and a 2-liter of soda. Jay said he hopes the teen will show some generosity to someone else in the future. Cedric was so touched by the store owner’s kindness that he himself gave the teenager $10.

Says Cedric: “Some young people just need to know that someone cares.”

Yes, they do… indeed. 

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