The Stepmom To Her Own Children Made Her Cry.

I’m currently in the beginning stages of battling ovarian cancer that my gyno found a few months ago. I just had surgery few weeks ago and I now recently started the long hard and painful journey of chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

It’s been a tough and painful week and I honestly never imagined just how bad one feels for the hours and days after having treatments.

My ex-husbands wife, the stepmom to my two children, surprised me today so much so that I was truly in absolute awe of this woman’s ability to care for others in such a profound way because I’ve never come across someone like her before until she met and married my ex husband.

She secretly drove the 3-4 hours from the state they live in and showed up at the cancer center while I was there by myself (my DH had to take our baby who’s under a year old to an emergency Dr Appt for a stomach virus).

When she knew I’d be doing treatments this day alone she decided today was the day to pull off something she has been working on for past few weeks. She was going to do it on the day of my actual birthday in December but she seized the moment.

As I was laying there alone watching the TV at the cancer center, All a sudden the lights dimmed and I looked up and saw that she, along with the nurses and the staff were all in costumes and makeup and they began acting out a broadway musical that I loved and never got to see in NYC.

I cried so hard that they thought I was sad. I was far from sad. I was beyond happy.

She is a theater and drama teacher at a college and had apparently, weeks ago, contacted the nurses and staff at the cancer center and had organized them all into doing a “musical play” that she knows I love and knows I never got to see because My DH had purchased tickets in the beginning of this year for a date this December for my birthday, but we had to sell them due to finding out I had cancer and wouldn’t be able to go.

I’m a bio mom and a stepmom just like she is and I’m not exaggerating when I say that this woman has such a huge heart and is such a caring soul.

Today was an absolute gift that I’ll never forget. I hope one day I’ll be able to figure out what I can do to give her something back that shows just how much I appreciate her being in my kids lives and in mine.

Sometimes the most profound and the best gifts don’t come in a wrapped box with a bow.

Source: Reddit

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