The teacher keeps his wedding from the students, yet they show up and give him a lovely gift.

Christopher Landis is the choir director of Massachusetts’ Hingham Middle School. He has become one of the school’s most beloved professors.

One day, the choir spotted a man come by to meet their teacher on a regular basis. When they questioned who this individual was, Christopher just said, Joe is his name and that he is a buddy.

Joe was, in fact, Christopher’s companion and soon-to-be spouse. But he didn’t disclose the reality because he wasn’t sure how the children or their parents would react to his marrying a guy, and he was afraid it would affect their sentiments toward him as a teacher.

It was then time for Christopher’s wedding rehearsal. Throughout the occasion, he observed that several of his guests had their phones out, ready to capture something… but he had no idea what.

He wasn’t aware there was a covert plot in place until his choir students came rushing into the room, all suited up.

The astonished instructor burst into tears when 50 of his pupils sang “All You Need Is Love” to him and Joe. Joe, it turned out, had been in on the secret the whole time. Parents from Christopher’s middle school learned about his wedding and solicited Joe’s assistance with months of preparation and covert rehearsals.

This film depicts Christopher’s realization that his pupils not only realize who Joe genuinely is to him, but that they also embrace them and their new life together.

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Kids Surprise Choir Director by Singing 'All You Need Is Love' at His Wedding Rehearsal

Kids surprise a choir director by singing "All You Need Is Love" at his wedding rehearsal.

Posted by Inside Edition on Saturday, 2 February 2019

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