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‘The View’ Execs Allegedly Begging Whoopi Goldberg To Quit, ‘Tired’ Of Her ‘Toxic’ Behavior.

Whoopi Goldberg’s pals are allegedly worried after the legendary comic faced increasing pressure to stand down as The View presenter. This all stems from 2022, when Goldberg discovered herself in serious trouble for making additional “rude” remarks regarding the Holocaust and implying that it was not initially about race.

According to a source, even before these incidents, Goldberg was persuaded by pals to step down as co-host of the daytime talk program. ABC bosses have gotten weary of Whoopi’s continual on-air episodes and fear they are driving people away, according to a source.

Goldberg’s pals are worried about her health, according to sources. She’s not in a good position at all, and her pals are pleading with her to go to save herself, a source added.

Another source characterized The View’s working atmosphere. Whoopi always appears to be picking conflicts. She makes things quite poisonous, claimed the person. It’s evident she’s dissatisfied. All are pleading with her to stand aside for her own and the show’s sake.

Goldberg, according to the source, has been suffering. Her health has been deteriorating, and she constantly appears to be prepared for a fight, the person claimed. It’s gotten to the point where the incessant fighting is killing her.

Although Goldberg has ruled The View since 2007, sources say producers, coworkers, and even close friends want her to step down. According to sources, Goldberg’s feuds with her co-hosts Sunny Hostin, Joy Behar, and Ana Navarro have them ready to show her the door. According to sources, backstabbing Joy has been aggressively advocating for Whoopi to be fired.

Fans have urged ABC to fire Goldberg permanently and replace her with Rosie O’Donnell. Many admirers quickly agreed.


Rosie O’Donnell first appeared on The View in 2006, replacing Meredith Viera as moderator. However, O’Donnell was also involved in on-air brawls. O’Donnell departed owing to behind-the-scenes disagreements with Goldberg. When O’Donnell returned to the show in 2014, she expected to be the moderator, but she was disappointed to learn that Goldberg would be in charge, causing friction between the two women.

In 2022, Goldberg was suspended on The View for two weeks after claiming that the Holocaust was “not about race.” Although she eventually apologised and backtracked, she doubled down in an interview, prompting demands for ABC to terminate her for anti-Semitism.

Goldberg has subsequently apologized, telling that her current words were an effort to communicate to the reporter what she had said and why, and sought to retell that period, alluding to the earlier remarks that led to her suspension. The View has long been a contentious discussion program. However, when the source of the issue is the main moderator rather than the themes covered, it’s reasonable that many people are dissatisfied and want a change.

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