Their Healthy 9-Year-Old Went To Sleep And Never Woke Up And His Family Needs Prayers.

Logan died in his sleep, abruptly and sadly. He went to bed on a Friday night and didn’t get up on Saturday morning, and the texture of the Gagnier family was torn in a moment  as their healthy nine-year-old went to sleep and never woke up. His family requires prayers.

One peaceful Saturday morning that was supposed to be loaded with breakfast and family time turned into a day of sadness. Rebbeca and Garth Gagnier assumed their kid, Logan, had slept in since late Friday night. So Garth sent their oldest daughter to wake him awake. Rather than finding her brother sleeping, he had been transferred from one side of heaven to the other.

At this point, the family has no answers or reasons for Logan’s death in his sleep. Garth described the situation as stressful and perplexing since their son was a healthy, regular boy. In the middle of waiting for answers that may never come, the family requests that their Christian relatives pray for them. They require prayer to re-establish their family. In their darkest hours, they require prayer for help, solace, and faith in God.

Posted by Rebecca Gagnier on Monday, September 20, 2021

Despite Logan’s brief life, Rebecca claimed he “made every moment count.” Our hearts are devastated,” Garth continued, “but we know he was greeted into paradise by angels.” If there’s a football field in paradise, he’s receiving touchdown passes and snacking on Oreos and Doritos.”

While it is difficult to  comprehend or compare their anguish, let’s keep this family up in prayer and ask God to continue to comfort them in their sorrow. Garth posted on Facebook, “Please pray for his family that has to battle with residing with the hole in their house and their hearts. Logan, we adore you.”

Eagle Mountain family remembers 9-year-old who died suddenly

Family members on Monday were reflecting on the life of 9-year-old Logan Gagnier, who passed away unexpectedly over the weekend after he went to bed…

Eagle Mountain family remembers 9-year-old who died suddenly
KSL 5 TV #KSLTV #KSLTV Photojournalist: Mark Wetzel

Posted by Andrew Adams KSL on Monday, March 14, 2022

Watch the emotional video and let’s pray for the Gagnier family as they grieve the death of their son. We know Logan is in your tremendous embrace, even though their arms yearn to hug him. We hope that your arms will remain wrapped around this family in the days ahead. May you atone for their sorrow and manifest yourself in wondrous ways as you heal and restore their hearts, for you are the Way, the Truth, and the Life. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

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