“These Hands Are Evidence Of Hard Work And A Family Well Taken Care Of.”

Story by Kristen Gardiner

These hands aren’t often polished or manicured.
These hands are rough from hand washing; they are often dried, cracked, and bleeding.
These hands have stubby nails that are clipped short so they don’t get in the way.
These hands show evidence of anxiety in the picked and torn nails and cuticles.
These hands are not pretty.

Sometimes I am embarrassed with how my hands look.

But then I remember all that these hands DO.
These hands rub backs and wipe tears.
These hands make breakfast and pack lunches.
These hands wash dishes, brush teeth, and tie shoes.
These hands fold laundry and run the vacuum
These hands hold my babies when they are sad, scared, or hurt.
These hands give high-fives and thumbs-up.
These hands pick up toys and shoes.
These hands wave goodbye and blow kisses at school drop-off.

These hands are evidence of hard work and a family well taken care of.
These hands are tired, but they are also strong.

I’m grateful I’ve been given such a special tool to bless my family.

So I’m no longer embarrassed about the appearance of my hands. Because these hands weren’t made to look pretty. These hands were made to love. ❤️

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