“They Laugh And They Play And They Fight Then Makeup.”

Story by Tia Hawkins

This was goodbye…again..for now. Over 500 miles apart their entire lives and you would never know it.

They “maybe” see each other once a year and when they do it’s like they never left.

One is easy to anger the other easy to cry. Both will tell you how beautiful you are and neither would think twice to share in a hug.

They talk Marvel and baseball, Xbox and wrestling. They laugh and they play and they fight then makeup.

They are surrounded by a family that is large and loud but when they are together they take off into a world where only they exist.

They whisper, tell jokes and laugh about things only they understand.

They are cousins. Cousins are built in friends from birth. They are such an important part of growing up and life.

They are who you share secrets and summers with. They are the brothers and sisters you never had even when you have your own.

Cousins create memories over a lifetime and can be trusted without a doubt because whatever happens in your family, happens to them too.

They understand you and love you for who you are and not what you have.

Cousins will call you out on your wrongs and cheer you on strong to your wins.

Cousins… They are so easy to love but so hard to say goodbye to…even when you know you’ll see them again.

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