This 21-Year-Old Athlete Had No One To Sponsor Her Trip To The Olympics And Had To Work At A Supermarket To Fund It.

The track sensation who captured Australia’s hearts after her breakthrough performances at the Tokyo Olympics has found a significant sponsor.

In the three years leading up to the Games in Japan, Queenslander Riley Day, 21, stocked shelves at her neighborhood Woolworths every Sunday. Now the grocery store chain has decided to be her primary sponsor.

Woolies said in a Facebook post that Riley Day is a standout member of their fruit and vegetable team from their Beaudesert store in Queensland. One may recognize Riley Day from her performance in athletics at the Tokyo Olympic Games.

They are happy to share that they will continue to support Riley until the 2024 Paris Olympics because of Riley’s work in Tokyo. They are excited to assist Riley’s athletic goals on the next leg of her green and gold Olympic adventure.

Day astonished all in Tokyo by making it to the 200-meter semifinals, including herself. She beat her previous best and finished in a scorching 22.56 seconds, just missing the final.

When questioned about her victory, Day screamed “holy sh*t” into the microphone during her post-race interview.

She requested Instagram followers from Australians watching at home, and they obliged, increasing her following from 23,900 to 56,200 in only one day.

On social media, the likeable athlete currently has 103,000 fans.

After the 200-meter semifinal, Day thanked all for their encouragement in a series of touching Instagram posts. She cried as she expressed that she just came 12th at the Olympic Games with a 0.21 PB, is this really real?” She sincerely appreciates all of the best wishes and messages, and is looking forward to the future. 

Day’s internet fame is growing.

She was compelled to beg her supporters to stop sending gifts on Saturday when the hotel staff, where she is in quarantine, was overwhelmed with items to give to the athlete.

She had stated on Instagram that she genuinely appreciates everybody’s kindness and we mean the world to her! However, she has to politely ask everyone to stop giving her stuff since the folks downstairs are quite busy assisting them in safely quarantining.

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