This Bride Lost Her Police Officer Dad & Never Stopped Missing Him.

Back in 2009, Seattle Deputy Sheriff Kent Mundell responded to a domestic violence call. He was shot, and, unfortunately, a week later he passed away. The 44-year-old officer left behind a wife, a 16-year-old daughter and a 10-year-old son.

A few years ago, his daughter Kirstin, got married, and her dad’s close friend and colleague, officer Don Jones, walked the young bride down the aisle.

And during the ceremony, there was one special seat reserved for her dad. It was wrapped in his police jacket with a special photo on the seat. Everyone knew he was there in spirit.

But Kirsten was totally unaware of what would happen next. At the reception, Kirsten asked Don if he would dance with her during the traditional father-daughter dance. Then, during the dance, another officer tapped on Don’s shoulder to cut in and have his turn dancing with the young woman.

Then, a minute later, another did the same. Before the song was over, four Pierce County Sheriff’s deputies danced with her, and with each one who asked Kirsten to dance, the more emotional she got. It was the officers’ way of letting her know that they will always be there for her if she needs them.

Says the wedding photographer Angela Lyons: “Shooting weddings always allows for witnessing some private, special moments that nobody else has the privilege of being a part of. But it’s not often I witness something on this level.”

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