This Disfigured Kitten Was Ignored By All But Not By This 7-Year-Old Girl. This Is Amazing

On the streets of Istanbul, Turkey, an injured cat who was starving and needed love was abandoned and left alone to die. It looked like the locals ignored her and didn’t help her due to her appearance.


Fortunately, this loving, selfless 7 year old girl found her in a terrible condition. She took the poor kitten to her father and they hurried her to the animal hospital. The vets told them that the poor kitten was infested with mites on top of her already wounded body and physical deformation.2
The poor little kitten had to go through so much.


The vets and nurses tried their best to reconfigure the kitten’s face.  They also took care to get the kitten back to health. They even surgically repaired her roughest features. 
Bless the heart of this little girl who looked beyond physical appearance to help an animal in need.5
Thanks to the little girl and her father, they gave a new life to the kitten. She is named  as Gülümser which means ” she who always smiles.” She has definitely turned into a beautiful cat
This is such a heartwarming story.

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