This Loving Family Cannot Imagine A Life Without Their Adopted Child.

“We were his second foster placement. He arrived in January 2014 as a probable adoption, but nothing was certain. The waiting process was full of ups and downs. We felt in the dark about a lot of what was going on, but we found strength and hope in watching Christopher’s growth and developmental gains after he arrived.

His language and motor skills exploded. His ability to connect with us grew slowly, but steadily. We cannot imagine life without him. He is our silly, loving, brave, hardworking, sensitive boy. We are lucky enough to be in a continuing relationship with his previous foster mom. We tell him that his family is wide—his birth family, his foster family, and now our forever family. What a gift he is in our lives!

If you have the chance to open your heart to a child in foster care, it will be worth it. The journey is not easy. You will open yourself to new pain as you take on the hurt of your child. But to join your child on that journey, sharing their struggles and giving them the chance to grow, heal, and feel love, will be a bigger gift than you could ever imagine.”

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