This Woman Was Under Custody for Printing Fake Money And She Blames Obama For It.

45-year-old Pamela Downs of Kingsport was arrested by the police for counterfeiting money. Her excuse? She read online that President Barack Obama made a new law that allowed her to print her own money.
The authorities were called to a local grocery store this past Sunday over a complaint about counterfeit money. When the officers arrived, they spoke with a gas station clerk who informed them that a woman had handed him a $5 bill, which he knew to be counterfeit.
When the officer was handed the bill, he immediately recognized the money for what it was: fake. The note had been printed on regular computer paper with each side glued together. It was falling apart.
The police quickly identified the woman who had given the clerk the bill, Pamela Downs, and she responded that she’d come into possession of the bill from a gas station a few days before. She said that the money was folded over and she never inspected it.
She consented to a search by the police officer, who discovered even more counterfeit money, including a fake $100 bill. It was printed in black and white and the backside was upside down. A further search uncovered receipts from Walmart for copy paper and a printer.
It was enough evidence to warrant an arrest of the woman, who repeatedly said “I don’t give a ****, all these other bitches get to print money so I can too.”
Puzzled by what she meant, the police interviewed her. She told officers that she read on the internet that President Obama had made a new law permitting her to print her own money.
The woman consented to a search of her apartment, where police discovered even more counterfeit money, and the tools needed to produce the fake notes: paper, scissors, glue, and a printer. Officers estimate that Downs had printed around $30,000 to $50,000 in fake dollar bills.
The police aren’t buying her excuses, and have since charged her with criminal simulation and counterfeiting. It’s safe to say that crime doesn’t pay. Thanks Obama.

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