Three arrested in connection to fatal beating of Ohio teen Ethan Liming

Federal officials revealed Saturday that three individuals have been detained in involvement with the shooting of a youngster outside LeBron James’s Ohio high school in early June.

Ethan Liming, 17, was discovered battered to death in the parking lot of Akron’s I Promise School on June 2. The US Marshals Service announced in a news release that the federal entity’s Northern Ohio Violent Fugitive Task Force and Akron Police detained Deshawn Stafford Jr., 20, Tyler Stafford, 19, and Donovon Jones, 21, on Saturday morning in two different residential structures in Akron.

Liming was viciously battered to death on June 2 approximately 10:46 p.m. According to officials, the boy died from blunt force injuries to the head after driving around with his companions and shooting a water cannon at passersby.

According to authorities, Liming was laying on the ground in the parking lot when cops came. He was declared dead at the spot after they were unable to rescue him.

Akron Police Chief Stephen Mylett stated in a news statement, he is pleased to inform that Akron Police Department detectives made many charges today in association with the killing of Ethan Liming. They thank the community for their overwhelming support, which aided officers throughout this investigation.

He continued, although he knows the arrests will be appreciated by Ethan’s family and loved ones. They all understand that nothing will bring Ethan back. There must be an end to brutality in the country. They are losing far too many lives as a result of needless bloodshed.

Liming’s needless and sad death has impacted every member in the town, according to Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan.

He stated that at this moment, his thoughts and prayers are with the whole Liming family.

This tragedy affected a whole neighbourhood, and they stand with the community in getting justice for Ethan, said U.S. Marshal Pete Elliott in a statement.

As per a statement, “in the moments preceding up to the assault, one or more persons in the [Limingcar]’s were going about the surrounding area discharging an SPLATTERBALL Water Bead Blaster at objects and maybe unsuspecting individuals.”

They then proceeded to the basketball courts, where the adolescents “aimed or approached the people who were on the court and shot the gel soft pistol at them,” provoking the murders.

As per a local newspaper, authorities offered a reward of up to $30,000 for information leading to the arrest of Liming’s killers on Thursday.

Liming’s dad, Bill, expressed that his child was a caring and compassionate guy with a “promising future.” Liming’s dad stated that his son aspired to be a lawyer.

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