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Thug Snatches 87-Yr-Old Woman’s Purse, Then Her ‘Hero’ Comes Out Of Nowhere.

Pat Goins, 87, struck up a conversation with a young parent while shopping at a Kroger in Lemon Township. Before walking to the checkout queue, Goins talked with the father about his gorgeous 1-year-old kid. The store was suddenly inundated with cries for rescue.

As Goins shouted out in fear, a guy seized her pocketbook and led her to the exit. Out of nowhere, a hero came, turning the tables on the bold robber. Deshawn Pressley, the same young guy Goins had been speaking with only seconds before, was that hero.

Surveillance video showed Pressley sprinting after the culprit, 58-year-old Derek Vauhn, out the exit and into the parking lot. Pressley easily overtook the man, seizing him by the jacket and tossing him to the ground.

The footage shows Pressley tackling the thief to the ground and battling with him while the hero regains his footing. Pressley then strikes the guy many times to hold him at bay until the cops arrive. Despite his efforts, the robber is unable to escape his captor’s hands and eventually gives up.

Good Samaritan answers woman's calls for help at grocery store, subdues suspect

‘HE’S MY HERO’: WATCH: Good Samaritan answers woman's calls for help at store, subdues suspected purse-snatcher.

Posted by Fox News on Monday, 20 December 2021

Sheriff Richard Jones claims that when the authorities came, the suspect looked happy that they were taking him away from Pressley. He was taken into custody and charged with felony robbery and theft.

Pressley was honored by the Butler County Sheriff’s Office and given a Citizen’s Award for making a citizen’s arrest. Goins is overjoyed to have her handbag back, and she describes Pressley as nothing short of a hero.

Good Samaritan receives award from Sheriff Jones

Deshawn Pressley receives award from stopping purse snatcher at Lemon Twp. Kroger.

Posted by Butler County Sheriff's Office on Thursday, 16 December 2021

Pressley claims he would never allow somebody to harm an old woman, particularly because he was reared by his grandmother when his mom died when he was young.

Goins claims the event has permanently linked her to Pressley. Furthermore, the duo want to maintain touch with one another.

Deshawn Pressley has been justifiably lauded as a hero in his city, and Pat Goins can’t stop gushing over the young guy who endangered his own safety to protect her and her property. Surprisingly, the young father regards his conduct as nothing extraordinary, but rather as the correct thing to do.

While the sheriff’s department does not encourage residents to put themselves in danger in order to accomplish a heroic achievement, they must recognize that Pressley is nothing short of a hero. They can only hope that more brave men like him would rise up whenever evil appears.

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