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Tied to a tree, left to die: yet the pitbull never stopped protecting its precious secret.

Pitbull Lara was discovered deserted at the Greek port of Nafplion.

Lara’s owner not only abandoned the dog in the middle of nowhere, but also tethered her to a tree with no food or water.

Lara was abandoned, alone and terrified, to her destiny.

To make matters worse, neighbors knew Lara was chained to a tree in the woods, but they were afraid to approach her due to her breed.

Nobody knew how long the poor dog had been chained to that tree. And the narrative doesn’t stop there: Lara was pregnant.

She gave birth to four lovely pups while alone and afraid in the wilderness, unable to leave.

Despite not having enough food, Lara managed to care for her babies for ten long, agonizing days—until her rescuers discovered her.

Despite the fact that no one in the hamlet wanted to adopt or care for Lara, she was reported to an animal protection group. The group got aware of a dog chained in the woods who was in distress.

When rescue personnel arrived on the scene and discovered Lara, it was evident that they were faced with an emaciated and severely dehydrated dog.

They were even more surprised to see her babies merrily leaping about.

Lara had done an excellent job not just guarding and safeguarding them but also feeding them with anything she could find while tied to a tree. Consider the mother’s instinct.

Despite the mother’s best efforts, the five puppies had battled greatly over these ten days, and the tiniest puppy had died.

The other four pups, however, survived owing to their brave mother.

The crew that rescued the dogs was finally able to locate a foster home for Lara and her pups.

Linda from The Orphan Pet came to Lara’s aid and also looked after the pups.

Despite being rescued and living happily with Linda, Lara had become timid and distrusted her new owner. The mommy dog, who was obviously terrified, also refused to eat.

Yet, as time passed, Lara understood that Linda was there to assist her, and she started to relax and feel more at ease in her new home.

Currently, everyone in the family is doing well. Isn’t it wonderful that this tale ended happily?

Many dog breeds have the potential to be caring and loving friends, but Lara’s strength and devotion are really exceptional.

Please continue to honor this brave mother dog and the folks who took the time to rescue her and her babies!

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