Tiktoker Catches ‘Two Gross Men’ Lusting Over Her And Other Young Female Figure Skaters.

Every woman deserves to be treated with dignity, respect, and love. We must treat women with love and respect in order to build a better society and become better versions of ourselves.

Montana’s dancing YouTube account claims she is 21 years old. In Thousand Oaks, California, she danced professionally with Pacific Festival Ballet. She’s been using her social media platform to discuss the ties between body dysmorphia and the ballet industry since 2019.


I despise men!

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In a viral video, Luna Montana, a TikToker, accidentally captured a troubling and unpleasant talk between two males about herself and other professional skaters on the ice.

Montana was filming her session when she heard people in the background discu her on her skating abilities and scouring the ice for other female figure skaters. Some of the remarks uttered by the males were really improper.

Montana-an expert artist was estimated by the men as being “just 15 years of age.” The men then, at that point, said she was “going to attempt to express [her] sexuality.”

The characters of the men stay obscure.

Watch the video and share this story to bring a stop to harassing women sexually or in any other form. Treat a woman with dignity and respect, since it is what true men will do.

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