Tina Turner’s 2nd Spouse Sacrificed an Organ to Save Her Because He ‘Didn’t Want Another Woman’

Tina Turner is an adored megastar recognized for her influential singings. Of late, the celebrity has slowed down owing to health and personal reasons. But the kind of support Tina has got from her partner, Erwin Bach, has been steadfast.

Tina gets her last name from Ike Turner, her first spouse. Initially they began creating music together but soon their bond turns out to be more personal and few years, they got married in 1962 in Mexico.

Though their nuptial appeared perfect but it was deteriorating from inside. Tina exposed years later through her book that the marriage was physically and verbally abusive. The exploitation went on until 1976 when Tina decided to part ways Ike and she officially divorced him two years later.

After the separation, Tina went on being single until she had an accidental meeting with Erwin Bach. Tina saw Erwin when he was allocated by his firm to pick her up from the airport. Tina was going to perform in Germany when she saw her future husband, who was a 30-year-old music executive at the time.

Tina later remembered that it was an on-the-spot magnetism and after her first meeting, she made certain to get to know Erwin a little better.

Tina invited Erwin to visit her in the U.S. and he agreed. When they met, she was convinced that Erwin was the one. His modest and easy-going nature actually attracted Tina.

On the occasion of Tina’s 50th birthday, Erwin decided to make a marriage proposal to her. He was assured about an encouraging reply but was amazed when she declined his proposal. Tina mentioned her bad experience with marriage as the main reason.

Nevertheless, the love amid them did not dither and the two continued on. Erwin’s firm promise lastly influenced Tina to try marriage for one more time. The couple got married in Switzerland. The pair resides in their lovely property in the Zurich suburb which overlooks Lake Zurich and seemingly gives the sense of being in a palace.

Subsequently Tina gives up work in 2009 and she has lived in the privacy of her Swiss home permanent. She even surrendered her American nationality when she turns into a national of Switzerland.

When Tina’s life eventually became pacific, she received some shocking news about her health. She received the diagnosis in 2016 that she had kidney cancer. She had two choices, a regular dialysis or a kidney transplantation. The latter option would give her a chance to pursue a normal life but it was extremely difficult to get a kidney donor.

Fortunately, Erwin came forward and made the ultimate sacrifice for his darling. He said that he wanted to give his one kidney to Tina as he does not need to have another woman in his life.

Tina’s health ultimately improved with Erwin’s sacrifice. But when things underway to look up, her life took another unhappy turn. The singer lost her eldest son, Craig Turner. He was Tina’s child from an association she had before she met Ike, but Ike had lawfully accepted Craig.

Craig was found deceased from a self-inflicted firing wound. Tina was broken-hearted at the heart-breaking loss of her son. But Erwin stands by her side and becomes her strength all through it.  

Tina shared that the duo still has the spark thriving in their bond and posted a photograph of the twosome embracing. She wrote that despite being three decades, Erwin still writes love letters to her!

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