Tips That Could Really Save A Falling Marriage.

Story by Erin Eddy

When marriage is hard, hang on. Even if it’s by the tips of your fingers as you dangle wildly from the snow-capped peak of Mount Everest… hang on. Refuse to give up on each other.

When marriage is hard, remember. Think about the things that attracted you to your spouse in the first place. Reminding yourself of what drew you to them then will remind you why you still adore them now.

When marriage is hard, speak softly. Angrily screaming things that you probably don’t even mean won’t fix anything. Speak, and speak gently, and you’ll find that it not only softens their heart… it begins to soften yours.

When marriage is hard, keep loving. Though you may be tempted to shut down, or wash only your laundry, or make just enough dinner for one… resist. Keep on loving, keep on doing, even when it feels like there’s no point. They notice, and, I promise, it’s making a difference.

When marriage is hard, seek God. He already knows what’s going on in the nooks of your relationship that no one else sees anyway, so you may as well have the conversation. Meet Him where you are and explain what’s on your mind. You’ll find no better Listener. (Just make sure that you are listening, too.)

You guys, sometimes marriage is hard. But when it is, don’t feel alone in your trials. Every marriage endures tough times.

So, if today was one of those hard days, do what you need to do: Cry. Listen to music. Get help. Eat a vat of ice cream.

But whatever you do, sweet couple? Just don’t throw in the towel.

Because marriage may be hard. But the two of you are worth it. 

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