Today My Beautiful Girl Said, “I’m Not Normal.”

Story by Laura Mazza

Today my beautiful girl said, “I’m not normal” And when asked what she meant, she pointed to her brain. I wanted to cry and fall into a heap. But I knew right there I couldn’t. For her. I said, no you’re not normal. You’re extraordinary.

My daughter is on the spectrum. She does not necessarily do things the way others do. This makes her unique and beautiful. I can’t help but fear she heard this or it was said to her, and that’s breaks my heart.

Please encourage your children to embrace all their friends and their differences. And please adults, do the same.

Please make children feel like they are extraordinary. They are only little once. They remember every word. Kids are not resilient like we constantly say, they hurt, and they grow up with that hurt. They deserve our love now, even if they are not like other children. 

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