Toddler Killed As Huge Redwood Tree Falls On His Home During Heavy Storms In California | “He Had The Most Loving Spirit”

In California, a two-year-old kid was killed when a damp redwood tree fell on his family’s mobile home. His death occurred after a huge storm that caused rain and flooding in California. He has been identified as 2-year-old Aeon Tocchini. His family recalls him lovingly, with his aunt, Liz Haskins, describing him as “warm” and “friendly” with a very loving personality. His relatives nicknamed him “Goldie” because of his golden hair and since he “shined like the sun.” She also posted on a GoFundMe page setup to help with burial expenses.

If one ever had the pleasure of meeting Goldie, one’d recognize the light she is referring to, Haskins continued. His light burns brilliantly in their hearts and will always do. She continued, he “liked to dance” as “music touched his spirit” and he quickly stole the hearts of people around him. He, like his mother, enjoyed the outdoors, and his father was his idol. He was cherished by his family and quickly won the hearts of all around him.

No one else in Aeon’s family was hurt when the trees fell on their Northern California house amid the terrible storms that swept across the state. She would appreciate it if you would consider blessing her brother and his family as they go through this awful catastrophe, Haskins added. She went on to say that Aeon’s death has shattered their hearts and shocked and shook the family, which involves his parents Dan and Aisha Tocchini, as well as his elder brothers Eden and Danny, to the core.

According to Occidental volunteer Fire Department Chief Ron Lunardi, there was a “fatality” in Occidental, California, following the severe rains and flooding on January 4. Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Juan Valencia stated that the tree landed on a 2-year-old kid who was seated in the living room on a couch.”

When cops got on the scene, a frantic father came out cradling the infant, according to Lunardi. He was kind of buried in rubble, and he said, his child is not breathing, Lunardi explained to the publication. Because they’re in a rural area, his initial reaction was to get him into my vehicle and get him out to the main road since he has a lengthy dirt driveway.

He managed to get the dad inside the truck. Lunardi was giving him guidance to breathe his child for him as he was backing up down the driveway in reverse, and as they did so, they got back out to the main road, where he met the rescue squad, and they immediately grabbed the kid from the dad and began CPR while waiting for the paramedics to arrive, he added.

Not only has her brother lost his lovely son, yet he has also lost his home, Haskins explained on the GoFundMe website. During the storm, three redwood trees fell on his house and truck. One’s donations will go toward a new house, a new car, and helping a family cope with the loss of their youngest son. The family has raised $253,645 of their $500,000 goal as of January 9.

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