“Told Them To Give Up The Dog If They Can’t Care For It Properly”: Person Assumes Neighbors Don’t Walk Their Dog, Calls Cops On Them.

Noone really enjoys nosy neighbours. It is simply not our responsibility to engage in their lives, presuming that there is no legitimate cause to be concerned about their safety. One woman, on the other hand, recently stated that she does not seem to grasp that she cannot manage her neighbours. Several weeks ago, this irritated neighbour wondered online if she was wrong to call the authorities on the residents next door because of how they chose to manage their dog. Read the entire story and tell us whose side you are on.

Source: Reddit

I have some neighbors, a young couple around their 20s. They’ve lived in the apartment next to mine for 2 years. They have a dog. A small one. I’ve always noticed them talking the dog on walks but for the past two months I just see them putting some pads on their patio and letting the dog sh*t and pee there. I’ve made complaints to them multiple times, I’ve called them lazy and told them to give up the dog if they can’t care for it properly. I told them they’re going with the easy way of not taking the dog for a walk and just letting them do whatever on the patio.

Their argument is that first of all they clean up after the patio at least twice a day and that the dog goes on walks every night. The girl also said it’s none of my business why she and her bf don’t take the dog out on walks and they don’t have to answer to me.

The next morning I called the police/public health services on them. Authorities came and inspected and said that no laws are broken and as long as the area is getting cleaned up daily then the couple is not breaking any laws. I told them that the couple doesn’t take the dog for walks and the police said that the couple has their reasons for that and I don’t have to know these reasons.

Now my whole apartment building sees me as the bi**h who called the police on the couple for that reason. I later found out from another neighbor who confronted me that the reason they let the dog go on the patio is bc the girl is pregnant and is on bed rest and her bf takes the dog out late at night when he comes from work and how I was not entitled to that info since they didn’t break any laws in the first place and despite her bed rest, the girl still tries to do her best.

Everyone in the building is now hostile towards me. Did I over react?

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