Tom Cruise banned his ex-wife, Nicole Kidman from attending their son, Connor’s wedding

Tom Cruise first noticed a fiery-haired actress performing the lead female part in an Australian thriller more than three decades ago. And he developed such a crush on the unknown actress that he was able to persuade his producers to offer her a role opposite him in Days of Thunder.

He was also married to the actress Mimi Rogers at the time. However, he was unable to fight his attraction to Nicole Kidman, an Australian newcomer who was 21 years old.

After Days of Thunder was released, Cruise had two Scientologists deliver divorce papers to Rogers, who had initially introduced Cruise to the Scientologists.

Despite the fact that Kidman was brought up Catholic and Cruise had converted to Scientology, the two soon fell in love and got married. Before divorcing in 2001, Kidman and Cruise adopted 2 kids, Isabella and Connor, during their 11 years of marriage.

But several years after being obsessed with her, Cruise forbade her from attending the wedding of their son.

Over time, Kidman’s relationship with the kids became strained, and when news of Connor’s impending wedding broke, rumors abounded that his mom had been forbidden from attending. And that Kidman’s exclusion from the guest list for her son’s wedding was the result of Cruise.

According to an informant who stated that Tom is behind this and what he wants is as good as law. “Connor answered the call made by Tom.”

The insider said, “Tom wouldn’t even think about asking Nicole to Connor’s wedding because the church views her as a “suppressive person,” and second, he doesn’t want her there. Tom hasn’t looked back since he long ago turned his back on Nicole.

According to The Church of Scientology’s website, when someone is designated as a “suppressive person,” it is done so that “others will know not to associate with them.”

Given the reputation Kidman has acquired, it is understandable why Cruise didn’t want her to attend the nuptials. In addition, their kid had a reputation for not going against him. The source claimed that Connor “worships the earth his father walks on and would never defy Tom.”

After Cruise and Kidman’s divorce, the children were converted to Scientology and grew incredibly estranged from Kidman.

The actress once stated that her children never refer to her as mother or even mom. They refer to her as Nicole, which I detest and correct them for. Even after their divorce, there was a great deal of discussion about whether or not their kids joined Scientology voluntarily or as a result of parental pressure.

Sam Domingo, a former Scientology adherent, used to socialize with the group’s famous members, including Tom Cruise and his kids. And before Domingo went, she would carefully observe the methods employed on Isabella and Connor.

Dominic said that since Isabella is Tom Cruise’s child, what they are doing to her and Connor is unfair. Isabella is being used for publicity. They are now forced to serve as the face of Scientology.

Additionally, she had witnessed how things had altered following Cruise and Kidman’s divorce and how Isabella and Connor had been isolated from the other children they had previously played with. Domingo remarked that he is aware of the strategies they employed. The Cruise children had no option since the second-in-command at the time, Marty Rathbun, was so harsh with them. They were heavily secluded and brainwashed into Scientology after the divorce.

Kidman, who is now wed to Keith Urban, seldom discusses her kids’ opinions or decisions. However, she has previously stated that she welcomes their choices regardless of what they are since they are mature enough to make them.

They are mature. They have the capacity to choose for themselves. Kidman expressed that as a mother, it’s her obligation to love children. They have taken the decision to be Scientologists. And she serves as an example of that tolerance and stands by her conviction that, regardless of what a kid does, the kid deserves love and needs to be aware that love is accessible.

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