Tom Cruise Chooses Not To See Teenage Daughter Suri Even Though He Can, According To Reports.

One of Hollywood’s most iconic couples was Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise. People loved them together. The time Tom gushed with joy about Holmes, his soon to be wife saying “I’m in love” on Oprah’s couch jumping up and down with excitement.

Sadly, it’s a known fact that within a few years, their relationship soured. In 2012, after 6 years of marriage and the birth of daughter Suri the two decided to separate.

Though both have not given the reason for divorce but according to rumours Tom’s religion Scientology played a part in it. It is also believed that Scientology could be a part of Tom’s reportedly constrained relationship with his daughter Suri.

Tom has visitation rights where he can see his 12 year old daughter every month for 10 days but chooses not to. Since 2013, there has been no picture taken together publicity of the father daughter.

A source expressed that every person is permitted to see their child if they want to. Tom chooses not to since she is not a Scientologist. Suri’s custody is outlined with Tom’s divorce agreement with Katie.

Tony Ortega a noted Scientology critic and former The Village Voice editor-in-chief had mentioned that Katie had signed some nondisclosure agreement where she won’t speak anything wrong about Scientology so she could be the primary custody of Suri.

He expressed that Katie wanted to get away and she wanted Suri too. It is also believed that Katie was probably told not to associate with former friend Leah Remini who used to be Scientologist who is presently one of its most vocal critics.

However, neither Tom nor his representatives spoke anything related to this matter. But if reports are true then it is disheartening that Suri no longer has any relationship with her dad. Nevertheless, Suri is having a happy peaceful life with her mom Katie.

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