TRAGIC DISCOVERY: Mom found dead in street near SUV with her sleeping toddler inside.

Heartbreak: A mother was discovered dead on the roadway beside her SUV, with her sleeping baby inside.

Officials said a woman in her twenties was discovered dead on a residential street in a Tampa, Florida, neighborhood on Monday night, beside an SUV in which her child was sleeping.

The Tampa Police Department said that officers were called to the 10700 block of Pictorial Park Drive in the Easton Park neighborhood of New Tampa shortly after 10 p.m. because someone said that a woman was lying on the ground on a residential street.

When officers arrived, they discovered a sleeping male child in a car seat inside a Ford EcoSport SUV. Authorities found the body of an adult woman in her twenties next to the car.

According to authorities, the mom suffered upper body harm while the infant was unhurt. A relative was assigned to care for the youngster.

This is a total tragedy, said Tampa police spokesperson Crystal Clark. They have a two-year-old kid who will grow up without a mother.

While few information was initially given, authorities said that the lady did not seem to be a resident of the area. The woman’s identity has not been disclosed by cops.

Early Tuesday, homicide investigators were aggressively examining the event and chatting with residents.

Anyone who knows anything about the event is asked to call the Tampa Police Department at 813-231-6130 or send a report through the TampaPD app using TIP411.

The Easton Park community is near I-75 in New Tampa, a Hillsborough County area known for its several golf courses, including Pebble Creek Golf Club.

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