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Trophy hunter who targeted elephants and lions gets eaten by crocodiles

All people who value animals reject trophy hunting. It might be difficult to comprehend that some individuals take pleasure in murdering endangered species like lions and rhinos.

Fierce objections from conservation organizations and controversy surrounding the “sport,” many locations still allow this type of hunting even though it has driven numerous species to the verge of extinction.

But occasionally, the animal world has its own system of justice… and one hunter met what can be considered “karma” in terms of his end.

South African trophy hunter Scott Van Zyl was well-known. In addition to hunting personally, Van Zyl ran a “safari” business where he led customers on large game hunts. Lions, cheetahs, giraffes, and elephants were among his prey.

Van Zyl traveled to Zimbabwe on one of his hunting expeditions in 2017… except that he didn’t come back this time.

The hunter set out with a pack of hounds and a local tracker. He set off on his own to look for crocodiles, and when his tracker dogs didn’t find him, he was thought to be gone.

His footsteps and luggage were discovered close to the river side. The crocodiles were examined by local authorities and discovered human remains that were identified as being those of Van Zyl through DNA testing.

After the news of the incident spread, many individuals claim that it was karma for killing so many animals and that he had it coming.

While not condoning the hunter’s passing, One Green Planet stated that the incident serves as further evidence that trophy hunting should not be permitted since it puts hunters’ lives in unnecessary danger.

They said, Let’s face it, Zyl shouldn’t have gone hunting in the first place.  We must consider if the “thrill of the chase” is actually worth putting your own life in danger while purposefully killing the lives of others.

What do you think of this tale? Was what happened to this hunter fair? Please share your comments on this tale!

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