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Tucker Carlson Blasts Joy Reid For Using His Great-Great Grandpa To Attack Him: MSNBC ‘Is An Elaborate Parody!’

Tucker Carlson was taken aback after viewing a Joy Reid broadcast in January 2018. The MSNBC anchor really engaged a genealogy to look into the Fox News host’s family history to find out who his grandparents were and how they came to America.

According to reports, Reid had been assaulting Carlson and alleging that his opinions and statements on immigration were tantamount to white nationalism. Reid, who moderated a panel discussion, questioned panellist Jennifer Mendelsohn about some of her research into Carlson’s past. Mendelsohn pointed out that the Fox News host’s great-great-grandfather had written memoirs about his own troubles in Europe and how they drove him to come to America.

Carlson’s great-great grandfather’s story was shared with Mendelsohn. He spoke about how the prospects for him in his native Switzerland were bleak — he was seized with a violent desire to get out, and that’s why he came to the US in 1860, she said. Individuals who live in genealogical glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

Absolutely, and Tucker’s been one of the more aggressive in putting forward what a lot of individuals have seen as a pretty blatantly white nationalist view of what immigration should look like, Reid said. Tucker Carlson learned about Reid’s broadcast and chose to dedicate a segment to it.

Carlson said that Joy Reid interviewed a genealogist who had done research on his family. Apparently, one of his ancestors came to this country from Switzerland in 1860. He had no idea until Reid’s show aired, as he had no interest in the subject, he said. That was more than 150 years ago, he said. And it has no bearing on the choices he make as a dad, a citizen, or a Fox News employee. It tells nothing about the present immigration policy. The American economy has altered dramatically since the Civil War, but for MSNBC, this is a non-issue.

Carlson claimed that “a single nineteenth-century Swiss relative now requires one to support green cards for everyone who crosses the border or overstays their visa. “Boom! The case is closed.

Individuals in genealogical glass homes shouldn’t throw stones, said Reid’s visitor. As is so frequently the case, it’s difficult to tell if this is a serious topic of contention or part of an elaborate parody. Monty Python takes on DACA.

Carlson continues after playing the Joy Reid program clip. So, Joy Reid is accusing them of racism, he explains. Let’s take a moment to appreciate the irony of that. Reid has based his whole public career on race-baiting. Try watching her program for 20 minutes and deciding for oneself. This is the lady who advised the Democratic Party to abandon white people who supported Obama and Trump, claiming their votes were not worth fighting for.

So, when Joy Reid accuses somebody of harboring racist thoughts, trust him, it’s projection, Tucker said. However, it is also a political ploy. Nobody on the left can explain why this nation has to import millions more impoverished people since there is no solution. So they use insults to try to stop the dialogue. That’s a pity. Immigration is important. It decides who lives in our nation, who elects our government, and who defines our destiny. It’s difficult to imagine a more important public policy issue.

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