TV host admires his son’s ‘bravery and style’ for wearing a dress at the Logies

Richard Wilkins has admitted that he ‘didn’t flinch’ when he saw his son Christian Wilkins on the Logie Awards red carpet in a backless gown last month.

The entertainment reporter, 68, said that he appreciates his son’s ‘courage and style’ after defending him in a heartfelt Instagram post last month when he was attacked online over his Logie Award costume.

Richard claims that his son is merely having fun with his dress choices.

He said of Christian’s Logie Award gown that he doesn’t get that (parents not being on their son’s side), but he is. When he saw Christian in that outfit, he didn’t even flinch. He  didn’t think much of it.

He stated that there have been “strange times throughout the years” when Christian has walked down the stairs dressed in dubious clothing.

It’s not quite his cup of tea; He couldn’t carry it off. But he’s doing it for the sake of having fun.

Richard went on to commend his son for ‘shaking things up’ with his daring taste in fashion.

He applauded his son’s courage. He is quite fashionable. He is fashionable. Richard stated that he looked drab with my black suit, black shoes, and bow tie. 

Richard responded to trolls who said Christian, 26, was a ‘letdown to the family’ in an Instagram post last month.

He added that to anybody who attempts to claim that he is “embarrassed” of his kid Christian for whatever reason. ‘They’re incorrect!’ 

He couldn’t be happier!! He expressed his son  is a remarkable human being who will leave his imprint on the world long after his adversaries have vanished. 

Richard was not the only one to support Christian; his Today show co-star Karl Stefanovic also defended the blond socialite.

‘Absolutely amazing. He is a beacon of light. A lovely human glow. Who is descended from lovely beings. ‘And light,’ Karl said.

‘Anyone who believes differently isn’t worth knowing or listening to. I adore you two very much. ‘Fly higher,’ he said.

Christian also responded to a Twitter troll who mocked his flashy outfit.

Anonymous user @SaraVic333 stated that guys wearing women’s clothing is “not normal,” adding, “STOP normalising this bulls**t!!!”

Christian replied to this remark by making fun of the dramatic reactions some individuals have to males who wear gowns.

‘What is going on in the world!!!! Masculinity is dead!!! ‘Burn everything!!’ he tweeted, amid rousing applause from his Twitter followers.

Many admirers applauded the Filthy Rich and Homeless star for opting for a feminine outfit rather than the conventional tuxedo worn by guys on the red carpet.

‘She’s so upset you’re more beautiful than her and can pull off an outfit she’d most likely be unable to pull off… jealousy IS an illness,’ one Twitter user said.

‘I believe you’re a fantastic role model,’ said another.

Christian put his best foot forward on the Logies red carpet last month, wearing a silky backless gown.

He styled his long blond hair casually, donned odd hoof-style heels, and sported a stunning necklace that flowed down his back.

Christian made certain that the cameras captured him from every aspect as he flaunted his model-like features, notably his beautiful jawline.

In an interview with Body + Soul last year, he discussed his innovative style.

He explained he used to work at Channel Nine simply doing marketing, and some days he would come in with pink glitter all over his eyes.  And they’d ask, “Why are you wearing pink glitter?” 

He replied that since he woke up today feeling a little depressed, he just felt like it was a pink glitter eye makeup day. He has always approached makeup with that mindset.

He further added that if one wants to wear it, if one wants to do eyes and lips, who’s to say one can’t do both? Do it! Do whatever makes you happy.

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