“Two Of The Bridesmaids Stormed Off”: Woman Refuses To Participate In Wedding After Hearing Bride’s Delusional Expectations, Gets Called All Kinds Of Rude Names.

The story follows a 36-year-old female who was asked to be a bridesmaid at her good friend Anna’s wedding. However, at the first bridesmaid’s meeting, she realizes that Anna chose her and seven other bridesmaids not because of their friendships, but because of their skills.

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I’m a 36-year-old female and was a bridesmaid at my good friend’s wedding, Anna, 46. I was initially very honored, until I went to the first bridesmaid’s meeting at her house on Thursday.

I realised Anna, hadn’t chosen 8 of us, to be her bridesmaids because of our friendships with her, but because of our skills. Example one of her bridesmaids is a hairdresser, so she will be doing all the hairstyles of the bridesmaids, Anna, Anna’s sisters (whom are not bridesmaids) and her mother.

I come from a big family so am used to cooking for large amounts of people, so I was expected to cook for 80 guests. I also make sculptures and jewelry out of wire silver clay, so I was expected to make Anna’s crown and necklaces, bracelets for her, the bridesmaids, sisters, and mother. I was also expected to make 20 wire sculptures for each table. (She wasn’t offering any money for the ingredients and materials.)

Anna then said, that each bridesmaid needed to make an £800 donation. One of the bridesmaids (a make-up Artist) said she is not going to pay, and would work for free, and Anna said that a bridesmaid is meant to support the bride. Other bridesmaids spoke up, so Anna started shouting, and at one point her husband-to-be, Mark, stepped in. Two of the bridesmaids stormed off in the garden to smoke, but because one of them moved so fast, their toddler seemed a little confused, so he ran in circles and then put his hand on my knee. I then scooped him up in my arms and placed him on my lap. Anna then shouted, “Why are you moving when I’m talking, you stupid wh***e.” I was very upset as she was dragging up my past and I don’t know the other bridesmaids, they all went to university with Anna; I didn’t. I wanted to leave, but I had the little boy on my lap. Everyone was staring at me, while Anna kept talking and I desperately tried to hold back tears.

I haven’t told my loved ones about this because I’m just so upset and don’t want to upset them, but Anna sent an email today with her bank details for the £800 and an attachment of the contract, detailing my duties. I emailed back saying that I can’t fulfill my duties as a bridesmaid, so will be stepping down.

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