All those Uber drivers out there come across an awful lot of people. So many different personalities… from really nice to, well, dreadful. And sometimes – more often than you or I would think about – they can get some really strange requests.

Take Brandon Gale, for instance. He’s been an Uber driver for quite awhile now, and he’s seen quite a bit. And there was that one time that he may have just saved a life by pretending he was someone he wasn’t. He had accepted a request to pick someone up at a fair going on in the area. And while he was heading to that destination, he received a very unusual request from this person… a woman.

She asked him if, when he got there, could he pretend that he was her boyfriend. Well, Brandon was quite a bit perplexed by that request. So he texted her back, “What do you mean?” She responded that she wanted him to act like he knew her, and not that he was her Uber driver.

Brandon was still unsure of what he was getting himself into, but he kept driving toward the fair. He decided to play along, removing all Uber signage from his car. When he pulled up, he spotted a woman waiting, apparently the one who contacted him. She was talking to another man. When she seen Brandon pull up, she smiled, waved and shouted, “Hi babe! I’ll be right there.” So Brandon, playing his part, shouted back: “Awesome, because I’m starving!”

The unknown woman then walked quickly over to his car and got in. She stayed quiet for a minute. And as Brandon rounded the corner out of the unknown man’s sight, the woman exhaled heavily. She then told Brandon all about the charade. She said that man was a friend of a friend of a friend who showed up out of the blue and started saying some very inappropriate things to her. She said he just would not take “no” for an answer. She told Brandon that when she tried to leave, he followed her to her car and said he was going to escort her home.

When she had trouble finding her keys, he insisted on taking her home. That’s when she contacted Brandon, and that’s when Brandon became the stranger’s boyfriend. When Brandon dropped the woman off at her home, she thanked him for getting her out of a sticky situation, and, of course, for playing along. She told him what he did restored her faith in humanity a bit.

Soon after, Brandon posted about the incident on Facebook, saying this, which is far too common, should never, ever happen. He then urged all men to accept the word “no,” and to take responsibility for their actions. He went on to say that “our sons are watching you and learning how to treat women in their lives by example. Lead by a better one.”

UPDATE: Thank you for helping to get the word out. More people need to know that you can use the Uber and Lyft apps to…

Posted by Brandon Gale on Wednesday, 31 July 2019

He also asked that women in similar situations to make any special request needed to possibly save their lives. Brandon’s post went viral. And his wife? She couldn’t be any prouder of her husband.

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