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Unapologetic ‘Brooklyn Ripper’ Found Guilty Of Butchering Little Kids, Insults Victims In Court By Taking A Nap.

Most individuals would be nervous as they awaited their destiny, but not Daniel Saint Hubert, who was convicted of murdering a little kid. Hubert did something unbelievable while he sat in court waiting to find out whether he would spend the rest of his life in jail for the awful act. He dozed off.

Hubert, a Brooklyn native, stabbed Prince Joshua “PJ” Avitto, 6, eleven times in an elevator before turning the knife on PJ’s pal Mikayla. He stabbed her sixteen times, yet she miraculously lived. Mikayla testified during Hubert’s sentencing hearing before he was sentenced to 50 years to life in prison. She stated that she tries not to think about him or what he did to her and PJ.

This defendant committed a terrible crime when he assaulted two vulnerable young kids for no reason, murdering one and gravely injuring the other, the District Attorney said of Hubert’s murder. He continued that he understands that PJ’s loved ones will never be consoled and that Mikayla, whose heroic testimony helped secure this conviction, will carry this sorrow with her forever. But he hopes they may find some comfort in knowing that justice was served.

PJ and Mikayla were playing tag at the playground behind their East New York housing subdivision on the day of the assault. When the kids requested permission to go over to PJ’s house for some ice cream at approximately 5:40 p.m., their nanny let them go by themselves. That was a choice she would regret for the rest of her life.

Hubert slipped into the elevator with PJ and Mikayla as soon as they entered it at their building. He took a steak knife and proceeded to attack and lacerate PJ and Mikayla for no apparent reason. Mikayla miraculously lived through sixteen stab wounds and bravely crawled to the door of the building to get help.

There was a lot of proof tying Hubert to the heinous act. A witness saw him enter the elevator and quickly depart the building; two other witnesses observed him escape the building before collapsing into a grassy area behind it; and police discovered the blood-stained steak knife where he landed.

Mikayla and PJ were also linked to the blood on the knife by genetic research. Additionally, there was DNA on the weapon’s handle that matched Hubert’s. The investigation was complete. Yet, Hubert attempted to maintain his innocence throughout the trial.

The Devil has powers and controls everything, Hubert informed the police after he was apprehended. In this term, there is no scarcity of wickedness. Anyone who doubts reality should take a long, hard look at this repulsive creature, the Devil incarnate.

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