Unemployed Husband Keeps Interrupting His Working Wife With Requests And Chores, So She Installs A Lock, Sparks Family Drama.

Even though I personally think the hybrid work structure and working from home are fantastic, they have drawbacks. When you work from home with a partner and children, there are special obstacles that arise. Read the story and let us know what you think of the situation.

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Me F32 and my husband M36 have been married for 10 years, and we have 2 kids. My husband is currently unemployed but I recently started working from home in my office for 5hrs. Thing is my husband would constantly barge in to my office and interrupt my work over simple requests he could get done himself (My work is usually with group and we constantly have group meetings too discuss projects) Request such as: * Can you fix this issue in my phone?.

  • Can you get the kids ready while I take a shower?/can you watch the oven while I make this phone call?
  • complaining about the dishwasher/faucet/mixer/computer not working and asking me to stop working to get them fixed.
  • he’d send the kids in all the time for me to brush their hair or fix a zipper.

I’ve talked to him about how this has been impacting my work, I already handle the chores when I’m not working so I think 5hrs of work should be respected. He’d apologize and say he didn’t know then do it again and say it was spontaneous.

Two days ago, I had an important meeting and he barged in, interrupted my meeting and asked me to fix his tie because he was going out later. It was horrible in front of my colleagues and superiors. I bought a lock later and installed it, when my husband got home in the evening and saw it he looked absolutely shocked. He asked what was the lock for and I replied that because of him interrupting my work sessions this was my only way.

He sent the kids to their room then argued saying “I can’t believe you wanna act like the kids & I are not even here and lock us out like that” I argued I didn’t appreciate how disrespected my boundaries and thought the lock is the solution after I’ve exhausted all options. He pitched a fit saying the lock is not a good solution and expressed how hurt he was feeling. He asked “imagine how the kids are going to feel when they see it”. Then went outside to smoke. He kept saying I should remove it. Am I A Jerk? Should I remove it to keep him happy?

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