Uniformed Cops Denied Meal At Restaurant — And Bartender Who Blew Them Off Gets In Trouble With Management.

Discriminating against police officers in the workplace is becoming more socially acceptable across the country. When two uniformed Las Vegas police officers entered The Lodge at Cactus, a late-night bar and restaurant, they were anxious to order a hot dinner.

They were welcomed by an unwelcome interruption before they had even selected a table. As the cops approached the bar, the bartender turned to face them and emphatically shook his head “no.” He then made a “stop” motion with his fingers over his neck.

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Posted by Las Vegas Metro Police Officer Wives on Friday, 14 February 2020

Confused, the unnamed cops asked politely if they might sit at the bar and get some food, to which the bartender answered, “We don’t serve you guys here anymore.” The cops originally thought the individual was kidding. When they understood he was serious, they turned around and discreetly exited the room.

Officer Aden Ocampo-Gomez acknowledged the event as reported on social media. He did, though, add that the restaurant has the right to refuse service to anyone and that they will honor the choice of the institution.

What the cop and his colleagues did not anticipate was the restaurant’s manager’s reaction. The eatery “reached out” to the police department after being informed of the bartender’s behavior.

The management not only apologized profusely, but also stated that the bartender had been suspended indefinitely and risked firing as a result of his conduct.

Since then, the police union has acknowledged the restaurant’s apologies, believing it was an isolated and unexpected event. The officers have subsequently developed a positive connection with the company and praised management’s handling of the incident.

Obviously, the incident had a silver lining. In response to the anti-police attitude at The Lodge at Cactus, two other restaurants, Distill and Remedy’s, have temporarily provided complimentary meals to all uniformed policemen who dine between midnight and 8 a.m.

At a time when police officers are often turned away or assaulted in restaurants, it’s good to see a company reclaim control from uneducated and angry personnel.The LVMPD Traffic Bureau posted a picture of numerous policemen making a pleasant pose with a member of the restaurant’s management, demonstrating that the problem had been resolved. They said once again that the bartender’s actions do not represent the opinions and support of The Lodge at Cactus.

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