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“Unpacking The Drama: The Truth Behind Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez’s Red Carpet Clash”

Lopez, 53, and her husband Affleck, 50, were among those in attendance for the premiere of her new film The Mother this week.

The celebrity pair has attended several events since their wedding last summer, but some admirers believe something was ‘different’ this time.

When the pair walked the red carpet at the Westwood Regency Village Theatre on Wednesday evening (May 10), they were caught in what seemed to be a furious argument with plenty of angry pointing movements.

A source close to the pair, nevertheless, has denied rumours of turmoil in paradise and explained why the Argo star left his wife on the red carpet.

There was no drama on the red carpet, according to a source who spoke. They’re madly in love.

According to the unnamed insider, Affleck left his wife’s side to rejoin with some of their respective children as Lopez walked the red carpet and promoted her recently released Netflix film.

Lopez’s film project is not her husband’s, so he left the red carpet after they snapped a few photos together.

According to the source, the ‘heated argument’ was simply over logistics. Affleck was really asking Lopez where they should go after taking photos.

After the photos and video clip went viral, allegations started to circulate that the pair was bickering, but this is not the case.

A lip reader looked at the tape on Friday, May and said it seemed the pair were merely discussing how they were going to pose for shots.

The ‘expert’ claims that Affleck encourages Lopez to move closer to him, bending towards her ear and saying, “Don’t worry, babe.”

The lip reader determined that she then told the Air Star to come close to her.

After posing for a few photos, Affleck adds, ‘That’s us done,’ before kissing his wife and checking on her.

Lopez then reacts by stating, ‘Yes’, informing Affleck that they need to move over there,

This comes only a few months after the pair became the Grammys’ viral moment of the year.

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