“Until Your Mother Finds A New Man, I Won’t Give Up Trying” To A 9Yrs Old.

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Can I just scream into the void for a moment here? The level of disrespect is off the charts at the moment and I just cannot. deal. anymore.

“I will only give up when you get a new man” 

My soon to be (cannot happen fast enough) ex husband said this yesterday in front of my child. We have been separated since November and I am counting the days until our divorce is finalized. The last few years of our 14 year marriage were beyond miserable for me. We have two kids that I basically raised by myself. He was unemployed and just sat around working on his ‘hobbies’ while I funded our entire life.

I took care of all (and I mean all) the household chores. I took care of the kids and our dog ALONE. I was extremely depressed and desperate to get out. I hated him (still do, he’s a POS), I hated being married to him, I hated the fact that my two beautiful children are fathered by him (still hate this too). I cannot overstate this enough: I was MISERABLE. Then he cheated on me with multiple people, as well as engaging in all manner of disgusting chats with a myriad of people on X sites. He also stole thousands of dollars from me. I contacted a lawyer as soon as I found out and here we are.

Since the beginning of our separation he has been trying to convince me to reconcile for the ‘sake of our family’ (meaning us and the kids, my family of origin can’t stand him). Never mind the fact that ‘the family’ he keeps imagining is just that, a figment of his imagination. We were not a family in any way other than in pretty pictures. Anyway, then he started with this rhetoric of “until you get a new man, I won’t give up trying to get you back” and he just will not stop.

Never mind that I have no intention of ever getting involved with another man again. Never mind what I want or how I feel. He’ll only back off if there’s another man in the picture. Then he had the audacity to say this to my 9 year old son yesterday. It makes me SICK. It is so insulting. It reminds me of the stories where women have to invent boyfriends or husbands to get men to leave them alone, only it’s worse because he’s not some stranger, this is a guy who treated me and our marriage like utter sh*t and he still thinks that I should get back together with him ‘for the kids’. Sorry, but I don’t want my kids growing up in a toxic relationship. Thank you very much, now please f*** alllll the way off. Thank you for reading my rant.

What would you do in her situation? Any advice. Here are a few comments on the story where it was originally posted: 

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