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Up To 100 Of King Charles’ Staff Were Told They Might Be Fired As They Are Working 24/7

Up to 100 members of Monarch Charles’ staff, some of whom have served for the new king for decades, have been issued redundancy notices, indicating that they may lose their jobs despite the fact that they are working around the clock to help with Queen Elizabeth’s funeral arrangements.

The entire crew works for Clarence House, Charles’ former home. In the coming weeks, Charles and Camilla, Queen Consort, will relocate their offices to Buckingham Palace.

The team consists of communications, financial, and domestic personnel. They got these notices on September 12, 2022, during Queen Elizabeth’s thanksgiving ceremony.

The Queen’s children hold a Vigil beside Her Majesty’s coffin in St Giles’ Cathedral, Edinburgh.

Posted by The Royal Family on Monday, 12 September 2022

The employees indicated that they had no idea their employment was at risk. According to one insider, everyone is furious, along with the private secretaries and the top team. Since Thursday, the entire crew has been working late every night to prepare for this. It clearly shook people up.

Sir Clive Alderton, an assistant, said in part of the letter, their superiors’ new roles will necessitate changes in our family. The portfolio of work formerly conducted in this home to serve the former Prince of Wales’ personal interests, prior activities, and domestic operations will be discontinued, and the household at Clarence House will be closed down.

It is thus believed that the necessity for the employees predominantly headquartered at Clarence House, whose work supports these sectors, would no longer be required, the letter stated.

The letter continues by stating that no ultimate decision has been taken.

Clarence House’s spokeswoman noted, After the former Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall’s accession last week, the functions of their household halted and, as required by law, a consultation process began. The employees have provided long and loyal service, and while some redundancies are inevitable, they are working quickly to seek new opportunities for the maximum number of employees.

The Civil and Commercial Services Union, a civil service trade union, has condemned the letter. While certain modifications throughout the houses were to be anticipated, as duties within the royal family evolve, said the union’s general secretary, the magnitude and pace at which this has been communicated is cruel in the worst. Not least because they aren’t sure what personnel the incoming Prince of Wales and his family would require.

The declaration has also stunned the general populace. Podiatrist Christhell Hobbs, a monarchist, told, it makes him unhappy. They have families to provide for. Many of them have given many years of service and are suddenly informed, ‘We don’t want you. You must be human in this situation.’

His Majesty The King's Declaration

His Majesty The King gives a personal declaration at today’s Accession Council, where he was formally proclaimed King Charles III.

Posted by The Royal Family on Saturday, 10 September 2022

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