Update: 15-yr-old student’s body found days after she mysteriously vanished from high school.

Adriana Davidson, 15, went missing in Ann Arbor, Michigan, on Friday. Her untimely disappearance sparked widespread worry.

Adriana was a Pioneer High School student who was last spotted leaving the school on camera. Four days after she went missing, her corpse was discovered by a K-9 unit.

Following the discovery of her body, the Ann Arbor Police Department, which was investigating the case, tweeted that while the Ann Arbor Police Department is investigating the situations of her death, they do not think there is an active threat to the community, adding, an autopsy is scheduled to determine the reason of death.

According to Ann Arbor Public Schools Superintendent Jeanice Kerr Swift, there are no indicators of foul play at her school.

They are, nonetheless, still determined to learn the truth about the death. There are certainly some suspect components to this, Derrick Jackson, the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office’s director of community outreach, told.

The security camera video, according to Jackson, shows Ariana leaving the school soon after she arrived on Friday. She returns about midday but does not go inside.

Her buddy contacted her the same day: “You straight?” “No,” Adriana said.

Her smartphone was discovered on the school’s tennis courts after she went missing.

What adolescent girl slips off and leaves her phone without contacting anyone? Jackson thought.

Anthony Lopez, Adriana’s brother, is likewise suspicious of foul play. When he learned that Addy was possibly gone, he realized she hadn’t run away immediately. Lopez described the phone as a red flag for him.

My prize possession. My everything. My little buddy. I’m… I’m…. I love u 💔 I’m so sorry & I will dedicate my life to u & making a difference in this world issue 😖 deactivating socials again. Thank u.

Posted by Anthony Lopez on Monday, 30 January 2023

Adriana’s dad, John Davidson, published a Facebook comment that was then picked up by various media sources, writing that this is the hardest thing he has ever had to do, however his daughter Adriana was located and she has passed away.

He is not sure where he goes from here, but he is so thankful for everybody’s love and assistance throughout the country, particularly relatives and friends who have assisted in looking for and posting for Adriana. He requires time to mourn, and her siblings, mom, and other close relatives also need time to mourn, he said.

The reasons behind Adriana Davidson’s death are still being investigated. We are extending our thoughts and prayers to her family at this difficult time.

Please join us in extending our sympathies to the deceased family.

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