Utility Outages Force Parents To Bathe Kids In Giant Seafood Boiler.

Have you thought of ways to give a bath to your children? This couple found a unique way to do it. Read the whole story. 

Despite substantial damage from the harsh winter climate, a family in Louisiana has figured out how to endure the tempest by throwing their children in a  large stockpot outside their home – for bathing, obviously.

Since Wednesday, the Harper family has been without water due to rolling power outages caused by ice and snow, which have disrupted local water-pumping facilities in Shreveport, where Marie and Marshall reside with their five young children. Marie, a pediatrician, said that it’s currently down to “a trickle.”

As a result, some residents have turned to snow harvesting instead of turning on the water. Shreveport inhabitants likewise stay under a bubble warning until Friday.

That’s when the family’s massive stockpot came in handy, for purposes other than cooking fish.

“This enormous crawfish pot is a really fundamental item for folks to have around here,” explained Marie, 36, who began utilising their boiler equipment to warm large volumes of water for bathing and other applications. She and her 38-year-old husband were “bored and giggling” at the prospect of dipping their little children in the pots for their regular washes.

Marie remarked that they did it as a prank to send [photos] to our friends and family. To get them clean but also realise it was kind of humorous, they said, prompting them to post the photos on social media.

“This is the most Louisiana thing I have seen at any point,” one buddy joked on the Facebook post, which included a video of the ridiculous survival attempt.

The brave parents didn’t require a thermometer to ensure a safe temperature because they knew how to boil liquids in large stockpots. They simply heated the pot until the melted snow was “hot to the touch,” then moved the tub to a snowy area to cool the “scalding” bottom while four of their kids, except their newborn, washed up.

“Assuming they were inside, they’d be sharing showers in any case,” said Marie of the kids, every one of whom are no more seasoned than 6 years of age.

After one night, their après-ski-meets-crawfish-boil-inspired hot tub experience was cancelled in favour of a more sauna-like environment – in the shower, where the pot has now been moved. “So the kids weren’t freezing their bare buttocks off,” she expressed.

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