Uvalde shooter’s grandma ran into street screaming after being shot: neighbor

Gilberto Gallegos, 82, a neighbor of the Uvalde massacre saw the teenager’s blood-soaked grandma stumble outside her house after being gunshot in the face ahead of his rage at Robb Elementary School.

Gallegos was gardening with his spouse Maria, 76, on their front lawn previous Tuesday morning when they make out shooting at Celia Gonzales’ house across the road.

Gonzales, 66, had been gunshot by her grandson Salvador Ramos, 18, who then sprinted from the house to Gonzales’ van with bags in drag.

Gallegos in fact said that he believed it was bizarre since Ramos doesn’t know how to drive and added that Ramos fought to get the van in gear before tearing off.

The neighbor further said that Gonzales, who had seemingly just caught into a fight with her grandson, then came running out of her house with blood flowing down her face. Gallegos remembered that she was in evident pain.

Gonzales then said to the neighbor to look at what he did to her. Though she never mentioned his name, but Gallegos and his wife knew that she was talking about Ramos, her grandson.

Gallegos took Gonzales to care in his fenced patio and tried to halt her bleeding with a cloth while his wife called the cops. Gallegos said that Gonzales was in tremor and blood was all over the place and he did the best to his ability to comfort her.

Minutes thereafter, Ramos would bang his grandma’s van near the school, where his bloodbath ultimately ended with 19 schoolchildren and two teachers deceased.

Gonzales was in steady situation at a San Antonio hospital but may never be able to talk as the bullet went into her jaw just next to her mouth and shattered all her teeth. However, she was able to converse by writing.

According to a fundraising page for Gonzales’ medicinal expenditures, she had gone through four medical processes and needs much more surgical procedure during the next few weeks.

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