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Valerie Bertinelli Sells LA Ranch House for $2.5M after Ex Challenged Prenup amid Divorce.

Actress Valerie Bertinelli’s life has not been calm of late. She has been through loss of her ex-husband and dad of her kid Eddie Van Halen.

Van Halen’s demise happened when the actress was going through a break up from her spouse, Tom Vitale. Their divorce turned obnoxious after Vitale challenged the duo’s prenup before tying the knot.

Bertinelli has had a tough time dealing with the demise of Van Halen that entirely twisted her life and left her with substantial self-confidence matters. The actress has continuously spoken about her struggles and she acknowledged how low her days have been.  

Bertinelli and Vitale got married in 2011 and they turn out to be an unbreakable pair. But all that love came quaking after the actress said that they had drifted away from each other since they do not share the same goals any longer.  

She took a decision to trade her ranch-style home for 2.5 million after purchasing it for 1.92 million in 2000. This happens all through the tumultuous of her unpleasant split-up from Vitale. Vitale challenged their prenup they had settled on in 2010. Vitale has asked to be given a nuptial funding sum of $50,000 and $200,00 worth of legal charges.

Bertinelli’s mansion has three bedchambers with big openings revealing the spectacular sights of the San Fernando Valley underneath. It has a swimming pool, wooden floorings, a chimney corner and king-size bedrooms with sights of diverse viewpoints of the garden.

Bertinelli and her crew planned a flawless kitchen, furnished with trendy black and white utilizations and a steward’s storeroom big enough to stock as much food as possible. This kitchen has been presented on Bertinilli’s Emmy esteemed show.

Even though she merely had the house just for couple of years, she is prepared to give it to somebody who will appreciate the complex design specifics.

Bertinelli, after a tough period, is now only engrossed on herself. She said the foremost thing on her list of curing is looking after her mental well-being. The actress said that she has initiated taking less liquor, intake less sugar and getting her vegetables to safeguard her body.  

She further said that she is not planning to get into one more relationship any time soon and she is resolute to her own create happiness. Bertinelli is also eager to turn out to be a grandma and hopes her son will give her grandchildren quickly.

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