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Valerie Bertinelli Sports ‘Fat Clothes’ from Jenny Craig Ad and Gets Emotional While Condemning ‘Problematic’ Diet Culture

Valerie Bertinelli looks fantastic after discovering her old “fat clothes” in the back of her wardrobe.

The Food Network actress, 63, shared a video on Instagram on Monday after discovering the clothes she wore in her first “before photo” as a Jenny Craig representative.

Health is not a number on a scale. The number on the scale does not represent health. One’s worth as a human being isn’t determined by one’s body, she added as she stood in front of the mirror wearing a pink button-up shirt and trousers.

She stated that she believed she was fat the last time she wore these clothes. She has never felt more beautiful, at peace, or psychologically and emotionally stable than she does today, even though she is dressed in her ‘big clothes.’ That’s messed up.

Bertinelli explained in the caption that she discovered the old garments in the back of her closet and, while she has no idea why she saved them, she is pleased she did.

She wrote that she is still working on not suppressing or numbing her emotions with food or alcohol, and she is. She is sufficient. Our bodies do not define who we are as people. A number on a scale does not define the amount of love one’s heart can store. Please, please, please love oneself completely. YOU ARE ENOUGH.

Bertinelli shared a video on Instagram in June on how much healthier she feels after making some lifestyle adjustments and addressing her mental health in recent months.

So it’s probably time for her to go down another jeans size. She still can’t believe it. And it all began in November, the month she got free, she added in the video, alluding to her divorce husband Tom Vitale. She also began to prioritize her emotional and mental health. And after she began doing that, she became more concerned about the nourishment she put into her body.

The rude remarks and abuse can never be forgotten and taken back, but here’s the thing, she wouldn’t have taken them in and accepted them in the first place, if she hadn’t been saying tough and unkind words to herself first, the caption read.

Bertinelli noted at the time that after a year of counseling, journaling, meditation, and other practices, she has begun to care more about how she treats herself and the meals she consumes.

Caring less about calories and more about what’s in those calories, she continued. Is her fiber intake adequate? Is her protein intake adequate? Is she receiving enough vitamins from her food? Is it possible that she is drinking too much? What makes her happier? What improves the way her body feels? FEEL BETTER is the key word.

Bertinelli also stated that she had “cut back dramatically” on alcohol, which has aided in her weight loss, which she described as “carrying for protection.”

She concluded that she no longer required protection. She is learning to appreciate herself. Deep down. All of this is to say that she has a lot to say and will continue to do so. She thanked for joining her on this adventure. Please be kind to yourself. One has earned it. We’re all guilty of it. We are sufficient.

In February, the Hot in Cleveland star shared a TikTok video on the “side effect” of giving up booze for the month of Dry January.


Nice side effect 👖😛

♬ original sound – Valerie

She said that there’s an interesting side effect of Dry January. These jeans were so tight a few months ago that she couldn’t button them comfortably. They’re so big now that she needs to go down a size. Yeah, she likes that side effect.

One follower commented on the video that they’ve been feeling a lot healthier after undertaking not only Dry January but also Dry October.

“Oh, a sober October.” “I like it,” Bertinelli said. “I may also do dry July. 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼”

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