Vet Who Saved This Dog Gets An Unbelievable Reaction.

A guard dog was chained to a tree as a fire ravaged near a homeless camp in West Palm Beach, Florida. When firefighters arrived, they were stunned to see the trapped dog, burned and howling in tremendous pain, and they rescued it immediately.

A firefighter, Marcos Orozca, cut the chain and freed the 2-year-old dog, and rushed it to a nearby emergency center for pets.

Says Fire Captain Greg Gordon: “The little guy was burned up pretty good. Even when we grabbed him, he was very distressed. I was concerned whether he would live.”

When the veterinarian, Dr. Latimer, took the dog in for treatment, he found that it had suffered severe burns to the back of its torso and its hind legs. He assured the firefighters who brought it in that it would require lots of care and attention, but would survive.

The dog received that care and attention at the center, and workers there named him “Smokey.” He was nervous and scared when he first arrived there, but as time went on, he became very comfortable with the staff treating his wounds.

The center posted on Facebook that Smokey received several blood transfusions, daily baths and wrap changes. He was also put in the center’s hyperbaric chamber to reduce any swelling. The firefighters who rescued him also came to visit him, and the captain himself decided to foster the dog while he recovered from his injuries.

Just a week after the captain took him, he brought him back to the center for a checkup. And Smokey sure remembered Dr. Latimer as the one who saved his life, jumping on him and hugging him.

Soon after, one of the other veterinarians, Dr. Katelyn Thomas, fell in love with Smokey and adopted him. And she says he’s as sweet as can be, swimming and loving all the new adventures that come his way.

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