Veteran Goes Viral When He Shares His Message Of Wisdom With Students.

In El Dorado Hills, California, a little elderly man stands outside Marina Village Middle School early in the morning and greets each student with fist bumps and life advice before they start their school day. And 94-year-old Wally Richardson, a veteran, loves doing it.

Wally has been greeting the students there for the past 10 years, trying to make at least a little difference in their lives. And while some students and parents might think it’s a little strange… if not a little creepy… for an old man to be dealing with teenagers before they enter their school, the kids seem to really enjoy his presence.

As one student named Audrey told her mother: He “encourages all the students as they walk in. He talks about kindness and gives us advice and fist bumps! It’s the best part of the day!”

And when Audrey’s mother drove by, she could understand why her daughter and other students truly enjoyed the elderly man greeting them.

Said her mom, Gina: “This is exactly the kind of love and support our middle schoolers need. This man stands out side the school every day and gives the gift of encouragement to every student that comes near him.”

Wally said he just wants to leave this world with a positive legacy for those children. There is now a mural on one of the school’s walls with some of Wally’s encouraging words.

No doubt, he is leaving quite a legacy. 

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