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Veteran Husband Walks In With Tears In His Eyes. Then She Reads The Note In His Hand…

Brittany’s hero husband, U.S. Army Specialist Christopher Garrett, returned home after sustaining a crippling injury on a mission in Afghanistan that went horrifically wrong.

He was wounded in the lower abdomen, and the bullet exited through his right butt cheek, Brittany stated. Since then, Christopher has been back home in Oregon with his wife and children on medical leave, which piqued the interest of someone nearby.

In a social media post, the Army wife stated that she heard somebody at the front door and discovered her husband standing there with tears in his eyes, holding their kid. Her initial assumption was that somebody had died, but he quickly dispelled that notion. Then he handed her the message he discovered.

A present on their front yard was accompanied by a message that said, “I hope this saves time for the things that matter most in your life.  Thank you for your service and for ensuring my freedom. Sincerely, A Grateful American.”

She said in her article about the incredible present her family received from where does she even begin? Something AMAZING occurred! Her husband came at the door with tears in his eyes, carrying our kid, as she was getting ready for the day. Her heart fell, and she believed somebody they love had gone to Heaven.

Brittany Lynn Garrett stated that her husband, regardless of his disability, tries his best to maintain their lawn, mowing it once or twice a week. He struggles with the push mower, but he takes up the duty regularly to ensure that it is completed.

This practice apparently was not overlooked by one charitable bystander who was moved by this man’s commitment to his lawn and service to our nation, which nearly cost him his life. An unknown neighbor did not want Christopher to suffer with the push mower any longer and purchased him a costly John Deer riding mower so he could cut the lawn in ease.

She is not sure who they are, but they’ve been watching her 100% combat handicapped husband push mow their entire yard once or twice a week and felt it would help him make more time for the essential things in life!!!  THANK YOU, WHOEVER YOU MAY BE!!! You have no idea how much suffering this will relieve him from, Brittany expressed her gratitude for the great gift they were given.

The generous wife noted that being able to ride instead of push to get the lawn mowed had spared her husband a lot of agony. This generous individual recognized the soldier’s sacrifice and noticed his difficulty at home while attempting to accomplish basic things for his family. This kind present was donated anonymously as a heartfelt thank you for a service that sometimes goes unnoticed.

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