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VIDEO: Alert Issued About Potential Dangers Coming To Stores Across America.

Human trafficking networks have become an alarming concern in Michigan, according to one Michigan man. Women and children are missing at an alarming rate, with dozens of human trafficking instances recorded in Michigan alone each year. Sadly, Michigan is not alone in experiencing this issue.

In a video shared on Facebook by Nahar Ali, a guy who Ali claims is not himself tells how his family was shopping at Target when his wife and kid nearly fell victims of the human trafficking gangs that afflict his state. The dad taped his warning while sitting nervously in his vehicle in the Target parking lot late at night, letting people know what had occurred to his wife and youngest daughter while he highlighted the painful truth that was being disregarded.

He claims that he is waiting outside Target, searching for a gang of guys that almost snatched his family, in the hopes that posting his warning on social media may help rescue someone else from being abducted. He describes the terrifying incident his wife and youngest daughter went through when they found themselves encircled by three cars in the Target parking lot after they had gone shopping together in an effort to raise awareness.

This human trafficking thing has become extremely prevalent for women and children shopping at grocery stores, department stores, or anything for that matter, the worried man states, describing that he returns to the parking lot every few nights to keep an eye out for the group of cars that surrounded his wife, assuming that these individuals are actively scouting the area for new victims.

This is a real thing that is going on in Michigan, he adds. They are the second-most trafficked state in the country, and it happens everywhere. He does not care where one lives, how protected one feels, or anything else; none of it matters to him. All had better listen to what he is saying, he cautions, adding that a detective he understands “could tell you stories that would keep you awake at night if you have a wife or children.”

According to the guy in the video, seeing strange automobiles parked at the back of business parking lots is extremely typical as these thieves hunt for their next victim to take advantage of. It’s weird, it’s gut-wrenching, he says, referring to the folks who have been mysteriously sitting at the rear of parking lots late at night for an extended period of time. “Who are you looking for, sitting out there in the dark?” he sarcastically asks.

He could’ve lost his wife and my child to this situation, he says, adding that he’s grateful two ladies walked out of Target that night with an awareness that caused them to wait and observe after getting into a vehicle near his wife.

There’s so much going on in this country right now, and everyone wants to fight everyone else. Here’s something all can get behind, he argues, noting that these stories are popping up all the time, and that all must understand that everyone needs to be talking about this.

Watch when one’s family goes out at night; keep an eye on one’s kids; keep an eye on one’s wife, he advises viewers, before adding that it’s critical for individuals, particularly women, to have a method to defend themselves in public. It’s great if she can carry a rifle. Something like a mace or a knife.

He advises ladies to avoid shopping at night, no matter where they go. These vehicles are parked suspiciously in various parking lots throughout the city. These stories are popping up everywhere, he says. Be vigilant, keep your eyes peeled, and look around for individuals.

He advises his male audience to keep a lookout for ladies who may be shopping with their small kids as they head out to the parking lot.

His wife “can hardly sleep, thinking about this situation” since the night she was almost stolen. He adds that she feels that they need to look out for other people, so that’s what they’re doing. They’ve made it their goal to apprehend the guys who were roaming Target that night, as well as to warn and, perhaps, save others from the tragedy his wife and daughter barely avoided.

This is something that needs to be discussed a lot more, he says. The media loves to cover all the hatred in the world right now, yet they don’t want to talk a lot about children and individuals being taken, how much of this stuff takes place, or the price tags that are on people’s heads.

He concludes his passionate appeal by saying that people must pay attention, as it may happen to anybody, at any time, and in any location. They are abducting people and are willing to go to any length to do so. They have no fear. He wishes they had live security video of what occurred to his wife so that one could see how fearless these three cars that surrounded her were and how serious this situation is.

Michigan residents be careful!! Must watch n plz share!!

Posted by Nahar Ali on Sunday, 15 October 2017

He says he wants people to start talking about things like this so everyone can shut it down, and he promises that if he ever sees anyone’s wife or kids in trouble, he’ll take action, adding that he hopes some of us do the same. He needs to start keeping an eye out for people. All must begin to care more. We’re so preoccupied with fighting over the silliest things in the world that we’ve forgotten about the serious dangers that exist, and this is one of them. Taking women and children is a serious thing.

This person is correct. Human trafficking, according to experts, is “the fastest growing crime, not only in the world, but also here in America.” So it’s time to start talking, and expressing his warning is a good place to start. Don’t wait until you or someone you care about is affected by this situation to raise awareness; by then, it may be too late.

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