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VIDEO: Boyfriend Sets Up Brutal Attack On Girlfriend, Then Posts Pictures Online.

Cheyanne Willis was 19 years old when she was brutally assaulted in a parking lot on the east end of Cincinnati Mills. Surprisingly, her lover was the one who set her up for a terrible assault. According to Cheyanne, she was travelling with her boyfriend at the time, 20-year-old Quincy Garner, to pick up some money from his brother. So she thought. She had no idea what Quincy had planned for her.

As the pair approached the mall, Quincy opened the doors and dragged Cheyanne out, where she was attacked. Some ladies attacked her while others videotaped and photographed her. Before robbing her and fleeing in their vehicles, the gang chained her hands and kicked and slapped her mercilessly. However, that’s not all.

She was not only beaten, but she also had her head shaved and the words “I got my *ss whooped” scrawled on her forehead. Before fleeing in their automobiles, some of her assailants boldly wrote their identities. Cheyanne was subsequently discovered by a kind stranger, and cops were promptly contacted. An officer then brought her to a nearby hospital, where she was diagnosed with a concussion.

The gang had grabbed her handbag, which contained $50, as well as her cell phone. They also tore up her driver’s license and threatened to murder her if she called the cops. The next day, Quincy Garner and an accomplice, Cheyenne Fisher, 21, were arrested and charged with theft. The arrests, though, did not appear to deter the group from bragging about what they had done to Cheyanne Willis.


Cheyanne was even more irritated when her assailants brag about what they did online after she filed a police report. Her assailants recorded the incident on social media, which was far worse for the victim than the concussion and bruising she received. Cheyanne piercingly pleads and begs in the distressing film, only to have her voice muffled by her assailants’ violent yells.

Cheyanne had to ban some of the individuals who were sharing photographs of her assault on Facebook, and she said she hadn’t spoken to Quincy since. She also stated that she had quit her work at Amazon and that she is frightened to leave the house for fear of being pursued again.

She simply desired to die. She sincerely wishes they had murdered her. She honestly doesn’t want to be here any longer, the traumatized girl added. She is afraid to show her face if she is out, and to make matters worse, these photographs have gone viral, Cheyanne moaned. She is humiliated. This is humiliating. She needed to get out of her comfort zone. She is no longer attractive. Her hair had been chopped. She is not the same person. All she seeks is justice.

Cheyanne claims she was assaulted over a car she attempted to purchase after the owner, one of her assailants, claimed she stole the vehicle. Irrespective of Cheyanne’s allegedly shady history, bodily assaulting an individual in this way is never justified. This attack is terrible on several levels, the most worrying of which is how confident her assailants were. They not only brutally ambushed another human being, but they also videotaped and uploaded it as if it were something to be proud of. Unfortunately, this is the “World Star” world we live in, where one person’s pain is another’s so-called amusement.

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