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Video Captures Moment Attacker Slams Woman To The Ground, But She Didn’t Go Down Without A Fight.

On a Sunday evening in Mobile, Alabama, a man, subsequently recognized as 28-year-old Brandon Young, started an unprovoked attack on an unsuspecting lady at a Chevron gas station. The unidentified victim had just driven up to the gas pumps when she evidently attracted Young’s attention. What occurred next was recorded on security footage.

The lady was at pump 6 at the Chevron station on Azalea Road while Brandon Young roamed about the parking lot, as shown on the video. Young sensed an opening and ambushed the lady as she exited the car and started walking towards the gas station shop. Young allegedly grabbed her by the waist and pulled her into the air in an effort to rob her.

However, for the would-be thief, his targeted victim was not going down quietly. Rather, the unidentified 28-year-old lady made a frantic effort to defend herself. When she fought to break free from Young’s hold, her shoe fell off as she was suspended over the ground. Before being tossed to the ground, she seems to smack Young across the face.

The lady instantly gets up after hitting the concrete, gathers her items from the ground, and goes after her assailant. The duo then have another brief discussion before Young goes towards the lady in a menacing manner as she retreats in terror. Young tries to grab the lady again before she rushes into the shop as the guy exits the area.

Police issued video of the event, which the woman’s stepmother subsequently shared on social media in the hope of raising awareness. The attacker was recognized thanks to the camera evidence, and Brandon Young was arrested the next day and charged with felony third-degree robbery.

Young has been reported to visit the business and was spotted lurking around the neighborhood many times, according to Nazmul Hasan, the gas station owner. He hopes that the event will lead Mobile Police to increase patrols in the area, particularly because this isn’t the first time the petrol station has made headlines. Just two months before this event, a clerk was robbed by two individuals demanding money. Despite the fact that guns were fired, no one was injured; however, the suspects did get away with some money.

The episode has terrified many people, including Hasan. Regular customers of the petrol station voiced similar comments, stating they’ll be keeping a closer eye on their backs in the future, while others echoed fear for their loved ones who visit the establishment.

Ravenn Cheese, who lives near the petrol station, and other customers concurred. She is extremely shocked because it’s literally around the corner from where she lives, she said. She felt comfortable at this petrol station, she continued. It is always well-lit. One never knows where danger is, she remarked after viewing video of the incident in broad daylight. She’ll still go there and try to keep her eyes open.

Another client, Edna Hutchinson, was likewise frightened by the occurrence. Customers have every reason to be worried. Brandon Young’s criminal record shows that he has previously been charged with burglary attempts and other related offenses.

Brandon Young was sent behind bars, where he belongs, thanks to the courageous young lady who fought back, enabling the security camera to record clear photos that were later used to identify the offender. I don’t know about you, but I like a happy-ending narrative. Unfortunately, we know that things might have turned out very differently.

Luckily, this lady is safe, the culprit has been apprehended, and the public has been made aware of the dangers that may lie around any corner—or gas pump. The woman’s family now hopes that the video will serve as a warning to other women to be more cautious. So make sure your loved ones watch this and understand how easily a normal Sunday evening can become horrific.

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