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VIDEO: Dad Refuses To Walk His Daughter Down The Aisle, You Can’t Blame Him.

Most young girls imagine their father taking them down the aisle and giving them away on their wedding day. That is not going to be the case for Chloe Williams. Although some women choose not to have their father join them on their first steps into adulthood, Chloe is not one of them. Rather, her dad, Mark, made the choice.

Although most dads look forward to leading their daughters down the aisle on their wedding days, Mark Williams will not do so for his daughter Chloe. He has different intentions for his daughter.

Mark isn’t the overprotective parent who refuses to give up his daughter. He’s looking forward to the day he’ll be able to witness her marriage, which is why he declines to be the one to guide her down the aisle. It goes far deeper than that, and it’s wonderful. It may seem to be a surprising move, but it is for a good cause.

You’ll want to have a few tissues on hand when you watch the video below, which tells a truly poignant narrative. You’ll agree that Chloe is one fortunate young woman.

Chloe's Wedding Day – Little Girl Diagnosed with Brain Tumor on Christmas Eve Dr. Alex Levy shares the heart-warming story of a family who learned their 4-year old daughter had a brain tumor on Christmas Eve. This is Chloe's story. #LikeOurPage #NevaehsKidzConqueringCancer #GoGold4ChildhoodCancerAwareness

Posted by Nevaeh's Kidz Conquering Cancer on Friday, 13 January 2017

At the age of four, Chloe Williams was diagnosed with a brain tumor on Christmas Eve. Her tale has now touched the hearts of individuals all around the globe, thanks to Dr. Alex Levy, who presented it in a Strong Films production that has been seen over 9 million times.

Dr. Levy recounts in the moving film that when he first began working at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children in Orlando, Florida, as the youngest member of the staff, he was on call during Christmas. As luck would have it, this is when he meets young Chloe under heartbreaking circumstances.

On Christmas Eve, he got called since there was a young girl, 4 years old, who came into the emergency room the night before with vomiting, headaches, and trouble walking, Dr. Levy said, recounting the night he met Chloe and her family. When they did some MRIs of her brain, they discovered she had a brain tumor.

Dr. Levy recalls stepping into the family’s room on December 24th to inform them of their daughter’s terrifying diagnosis: a malignant, deadly brain tumor. He’ll never forget the father saying to him, “Will I ever get to walk my daughter (down the aisle) in her wedding?” Dr. Levy stated this in the film. At that point, he said, He does not know, but they’re going to try damn hard to make that occur.

Chloe underwent three procedures to get rid of the tumor as it kept regrowing, but she never gave up, and neither did her family or physicians. She had been undergoing chemotherapy for nearly a year and a half. Finally, six months after the treatment was completed, Dr. Levy said that she’s actually doing great, adding, she has no evidence of the tumor whatsoever. She’s back in school, cheerful, and fun.

Dr. Levy informed Chloe’s father, Mark, that all he ever wanted was to be able to attend her wedding one day. Dr. Levy, who was visibly moved, remembered, the father told him a couple weeks ago that he was planning to have him walk her (down the aisle). When that dad calls and tells Dr. Levy to walk Chloe down the aisle for her wedding, he’ll probably retire after that, as he does not think there could be a greater high or sense of fulfillment after that, the doctor stated.

Chloe is a wonderful kid, and the Williams family is incredible for allowing cameras to follow them on their trip so that the happy tale may be shared with everyone who needs a little uplifting in an often gloomy world. It will make every parent who has a daughter embrace her even closer, because love like that is something the world could always use a bit more of.

We never know what tomorrow holds. So, share this with your family and friends, then go hug the one you love and tell them how grateful you are to have them in your life.

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